Luxury Fake Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116718LN For Sale

Usually, I tend to go for the stainless steel versions of best fake Rolex’s biggest icons. But it’s not always necessary, as proves this luxury 1:1 replica Rolex GMT-Master ref. 116718LN. It was the first Rolex watch equipped with a ceramic bezel, a “super case”, and a Triplock crown. Therefore it is very relevant for the most remarkable models from the 2000s.

The Swiss made copy Rolex ref. 116718LN was introduced at Baselworld 2005. It came with the option of a black dial and black bezel or a green dial and black bezel. The latter, which marked the 50th anniversary of top fake Rolex’s famous GMT-Master, is especially a stand-out combination of colors. For a long time, it wasn’t considered “hot property”, but with the current AAA replica Rolex craziness, this model has also caught the eye of collectors.

I would prefer the best quality fake Rolex with the black dial because it creates this great combination of black and gold. But the traditional black-dial version also has its stand-out elements. Just look at the green details that it came with. The green GMT hand, green writing on the dial, and even green numerals for the date display make for a remarkably quirky watch.

Compared to the green-dial Rolex replica for sale, maybe even a bit quirkier because that one features simple gold hands and gold writing on the dial. But this generation of the luxury copy Rolex GMT-Master II is more than just the new bezel and color combo. As mentioned, it’s also the first Rolex model with the “super case” that was later introduced for more Rolex fake watches online. The 40mm case silhouette was much more present due to fatter lugs, a wider bezel, and a thicker overall profile.

Not a new movement
Swiss movement fake Rolex also introduced the Triplock crown and solid bracelets with solid center links, solid end links, and an upgrade in the quality of the clasp. The gold versions were introduced in 2005, as mentioned. In 2006, the two-tone versions followed, and in 2007, the stainless steel super clone Rolex ref. 116710LN debuted with its all-black aesthetic with green details.

Inside the case, Rolex used caliber 3186 to power the new Rolex GMT-Master II replica Paypal. This was not a new movement as it had been introduced for the later models of the previous ref. 16710. The movement operates at 28,800vph and has 31 jewels and a power reserve of 50 hours. It features a date display at 3 o’clock, a 24-hour hand, and a jumping 12-hour hand for timezone adjustment while traveling.
As mentioned, the green-dial 50th anniversary model of the exact copy Rolex ref. 116718LN has been growing in popularity over the last one or two years. It’s why it is more expensive than the black-dial gold model. Prices for the full black cheap fake Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116718LN start at roughly €40K and move up to €50K. The green dial version goes for roughly €45K to €60K. A quick check on Chrono24 tells us that there is double the number of green-dial versions on offer compared to the black-dial variant. Still, it is more affordable.

It is further proof that you can’t beat the hype. Hype or not, it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this yellow gold wholesale replica Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116718LN is a landmark piece for the brand and one of the most important introductions of the 2000s.

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