Best Luxury Fake Rolex Watches For Modern Ladies

Fake Rolex Air-King

At first glance, what we have here is a humble, Explorer dial (three, six, nine) 34mm cheap fake Rolex Air King on a standard stainless steel Oyster bracelet. But look closely and you’ll find a very distinct, and very cool, pink-colored (salmon-adjacent?) dial.

There’s also a great story behind this best quality replica Rolex. It was a gift to her from her husband on their wedding day. Apart from this being a fantastic gift that has certainly aged well, it gets better when you turn it over. Inscribed on the back is a personal engraving that reads, simply, “Hello, Love. 5.26.2001”

Replica Rolex Datejust

Imagine this scenario for a moment. You’re seated on a jet-ski, opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme (also on a jet-ski) and you’re in a competition in which the winner gets a very special prize: A 1:1 fake Rolex Datejust. Hearing Shields’ story, it’s not totally clear what the competition entailed, but it required retrieving items in the water while going full speed. Well, Shields won – besting the martial artist and actor – and proudly claimed her horological winnings.

This all-steel Rolex Datejust fake for women has a sort of champagne-colored dial which gives a nice contrast to its overall look. This a watch that Shields sees as a rugged, toolish, everyday sort of piece – and I can’t blame her for thinking that way. A steel AAA replica Rolex Datejust is simply a classic.

Copy Rolex Day Date

We save the gold-est, and (definitively) heaviest watch in the collection for last. The perfect fake Rolex Day-Date is the ultimate watch, and Shields chose a celebratory moment to pick hers up. After she landed the show Lipstick Jungle, she headed over to her AD, took one look at this super clone watch, and made it her own. And it’s easy to see what attracted her to it. I mean, just look at that dial – it’s like tie-dye meets dial design with a crazy, almost purplish, sunburst effect beneath the gold Roman numerals.

In a way, this top Swiss fake Rolex is the bridge between two eras of her collecting life. You have the modern Rolex sport fake watch on one side, in a large-ish 36mm sizing, and on the other, the loud, gold, ’80s nature that we see in her early pieces.

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