At first glance, you may not recognize one of the more noteworthy increases in the new replica Rolex Submariner 41mm collection. Rolex has indeed changed the lug width on these upgraded models. For decades, Rolex Submariners, GMT Masters, and almost every other Rolex Professional model featured 20mm wide lugs, which is coincidentally the industry-standard lug width for tool watches.
Not anymore! The new Submariner collection indeed features 21mm wide lugs. This change was made to make room for a broader Oyster bracelet, which the brand says is redesigned from clasp to lug. More on that later.

When you hear the terms “slimming,” “width,” “upsized,” etc., you would generally think that with a watch such as this, the next logical change would be in the thickness of the case. However, based on our measurements, the new collection maintains the same thickness (approx. 12mm) as its predecessor.
Now that we’ve gone through the finer points of the steel case fake Rolex Submariner 41mm’s case. Let’s talk about one final point, the crown. We would be remiss if we didn’t shine a light on this critical piece of dive watch hardware. The updated Submariner features small refinements to its Triplock crown.
As you can see in the images, the guards surrounding the Submariner 41mm’s crown look slightly different from its predecessor. This is due to slight changes to these guards’ design, causing them to become somewhat more angled as they taper towards the case.
Another central talking point of the Submariner 41mm is its Oyster bracelet, which has been redesigned. The majority of these updates were done to complement the updated case proportions. As we hinted at earlier, the bracelet was widened by approx. 1mm to fit the increased lug width. This widening is carried throughout the 3-link Oystersteel bracelet as it tapers from the Oysterclasp up to the integrated end-links.
Color Waves
One of the reasons collectors love the Submariner is the diverse assortment of color options available throughout the lineup. Any subtle changes to these models are long-rumored and discussed before their announcements and long-debated after their release.
Fans of The Crown always go crazy when the brand changes the beloved Submariner’s color palettes. While the brand didn’t bring forth any new color codes in the Submariner 41mm, it did make two very notable changes to its two most colorful models.
the now-discontinued ref. 116610LV (aka “Hulk”) Submariner Date has been replaced with the stainless steel bracelet fake Rolex Submariner ref.126610LV. Like its counterpart, it also features a black dial, but in this case, it brings over the green bezel from its predecessor.
Rolex has made very gradual improvements to the dials in the Submariner 41mm. One thing that struck my eye was the “Swiss Made” insignia at six o’clock.

As you’ll see in the photos, the brand has opted to place the Rolex coronet (crown) between the words “Swiss” and “Made.”
New Movement
Lastly, Rolex has brought forward its latest movement innovations to the new Submariner 41mm. Notably, there are new calibres in play across this comprehensive lineup. The cheap Rolex Submariner ref.124060 replica watch is equipped with Calibre 3235 powers the Submariner Date models, and the Calibre 3230 is found in the no-date model. Both movements are automatic winding and COSC-certified.
This new movement boasts a power reserve of approximately 70 hours compared to its predecessor’s 48 hours. Also, these new movements include Rolex’s Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and its proprietary Chronergy escapement.

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