Rolex Rumors: 5 Swiss Cheap Fake Rolex Watches We Could See In 2024

Watches & Wonders 2024 is right around the corner, which means that Rolex will soon be unveiling its most exciting novelties for the year. Traditionally, the brand has been known for its conservatism and incremental changes. Best 1:1 Rolex replica watches usually doesn’t take big swings. In past years, simply releasing a new dial color for the Submariner or a new size for the Explorer was enough to send hordes of enthusiasts to their nearest AD with hopes of getting put on a waiting list.

But that wasn’t the case in 2023. Rolex was full of surprises last year, rolling out a bunch of perfect Rolex fake watches that quite literally no one saw coming. The “Celebration Dial” Oyster Perpetual with its colorful bubbles. The wild “Puzzle” Day-Date with its emojified date wheel. And, a few months after Watches & Wonders, the “Le Mans” Daytona with its custom movement and revival of the Paul Newman-style exotic dial.

After Rolex’s shocking and exciting 2023, it’s become clear that no one really knows what Rolex is going to release this year. But I can make my best guesses, based on the direction the brand is headed along with actual rumors floating around the aether. So with that in mind, here are five luxury Rolex copy watches we could see from The Crown in 2024.

A “Coke” GMT-Master II

Out of all the hypothetical high quality replica Rolex watches laid out in this article, this is the only one that has some tangible evidence to back it up. Just last month, a patent that Rolex had filed in 2022 came to light. And what was on that patent? Oh, just a description of a bi-color ceramic bezel in red and black.

The “Coke” bezel of course has a strong history within the GMT-Master II line. In fact, the original top Rolex GMT-Master II fake watches that was released in 1982 had a Coke bezel, distinguishing it at the time from the “Pepsi” GMT-Master that would remain alongside it in production for several years. The Coke GMT was produced from 1989 — 2005, but only in an aluminum variant — we’ve never seen a Coke bezel in Rolex’s durable Cerachrom ceramic material. It certainly seems like Rolex is working on one, though, and hopefully, we’ll get to see it this year.

The Return of the Milgauss

Fans of quirky Rolex were disappointed last year when the Milgauss was unceremoniously discontinued. The best quality Rolex replica watches, which originally debuted in 1956 as an anti-magnetic watch for scientists in engineers. In recent years, it also became known for its decidedly non-traditional style cues, including green-tinted sapphire glass and a lightning bolt-shaped seconds hand.

It may be too soon for Rolex to revive the Rolex Milgauss fake watches for sale — it’s only been gone for a year, after all — but then again, maybe not. The Air-King was discontinued by Rolex in 2014 but was revived in 2016 using the same case and movement of that era’s Milgauss. The Air-King then got another makeover in 2022 with a new case, movement and dial, so if Rolex is in the recycling mood again, it could bring back the Milgauss using the Air-King’s case and movement.

But I would like to see a bit more innovation from Rolex when it comes to the scientist’s watch. Omega has massively upped the ante when it comes to anti-magnetic Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches in recent years with its METAS-certified watches now being resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss. (The Milgauss only ever claimed protection against 1,000 gauss, hence the name.) Even Tudor, Rolex’s sister brand, is now using METAS-certified movements with the same magnetic resistance, so I would hope Rolex can create a new highly anti-magnetic movement for the new Milgauss to make it the industry standard once again.

A Sea-Dweller in RLX Titanium

Last year, Rolex debuted the Yacht-Master 42 in RLX Titanium. The lightweight sports 2024 China replica Rolex watches quickly became one of the hottest new Rolexes, and many are speculating that Rolex may give the titanium treatment to the Submariner this year. But I’m not so sure.

I think Rolex is more precious about the Sub and what it does with the collection compared to its less popular models, and a titanium Submariner just feels like too big a departure for the brand. But what does seem likely is a Sea-Dweller in RLX Titanium. As Rolex’s more serious dive watch, the Rolex Sea-Dweller fake watches online site makes a much better candidate for the ultra-light, technical material. Plus, the mega-souped-up version of the Sea-Dweller, the Deepsea Challenge, already exists in titanium.

Day-Dates with display casebacks

Another big surprise from Rolex — not emoji dial surprise-level, but still shocking — was the debut of sapphire display casebacks showing off the movements of certain Daytona models and its new dress watch, the 1908. Rolex had only ever released one watch with an exhibition caseback before, an obscure rectangular Cellini from the 2000s, so the new display casebacks were a big deal and brought perfect US Rolex replica watches more in line with the rest of the luxury watch industry, where sapphire casebacks showing off decorated movements are pretty standard.

So I’m thinking Rolex will expand its display caseback offerings in 2024, and the Rolex Day-Date fake watches store seems the most likely candidate to get the upgrade. Like the 1908 and the platinum and white gold Daytonas that have already received display casebacks, the Day-Date is only available in precious metal, continuing the theme Rolex established last year. Of course, if Rolex does go this route while continuing to use the Calibre 3255 in the Day-Date, then it will have to tart up the rather utilitarian-looking movement.

A “Polar” Explorer

This last one would both be the easiest watch of these five for Rolex to create and the one that seems the least likely. All I want to see is a white dial on the regular Explorer, like the one that’s been available on the Swiss made replica Rolex Explorer II watches for decades. There are no technological feats to tackle or new materials to master to accomplish this — Rolex knows how to make a white dial.

So why does it feel unlikely? Well, mainly because Rolex hasn’t done it yet. It’s not like they don’t know people want it and would love it, they just haven’t been in any rush to give it to us. But, here’s why I think there’s a slim chance we could finally get an Explorer I with a white dial.

In the past few years, Rolex has been paying a lot of attention to the Explorer, and even getting – dare I say it — experimental with its most basic watch. In 2021, we saw the release of the Explorer in two-tone Rolesor for the first time. Then, last year, Rolex expanded the line by adding a 40mm Explorer in steel alongside the existing 36mm replica Rolex watches for men, giving buyers the choice of two sizes of Explorer for the first time. So why not continue the product line’s expansion with a Polar dial?

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