Martin Scorsese Wearing Swiss Made Luxury Rolex “Kermit” Submariner Ref.16610LV Replica Watches While Filming “Killers Of The Flower Moon”

If there’s one movie that’s been marked on my calendar since it was first announced, it’s Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon. It’s an adaption of the book of the same name by David Grann that tracks the horrific murders of the Osage tribe in Oklahoma in the 1920s. It’s a mystery that unravels a conspiracy while simultaneously covering the birth of the FBI. And it’s all true – each unsettling turn. I read the book in about three days last year and would highly recommend it to anyone. If nothing else, you might learn something about a tragedy you likely didn’t learn about in your history books in school.

When Scorsese took this project on as a film, it was also announced that Leonardo DiCaprio was set to star in one of the titular roles as Ernest Burkhart, a key player in the vast, murderous conspiracy (I will attempt not to spoil here – but also history is history). Once principal photography was complete on the movie – in October 2021 – it was basically a long waiting game.

But we knew this was a powerhouse of a film with names like Robert DeNiro and Jesse Plemons, along with a score by the late Robbie Robertson. And after an epic wait, Killer of the Flower Moon has finally arrived in theaters everywhere. I plan to see it this weekend, but I have also been digging deep into behind-the-scenes anecdotes surrounding the film, which is how I came across the cheap Rolex replica watches-related portion of today’s discussion.

Scorsese is effectively a Rolex brand ambassador – he can often be seen in official Rolex campaign materials, and on the interview trail wearing some version of the AAA US Rolex Day-Date fake watches on a President bracelet. In fact, I have come to associate the director with this watch. But as more and more behind-the-scenes images from the set of Killers of the Flower Moon began to appear, I started to notice the iconic Rolex Oyster bracelet adorning his wrist.

Closer inspection, and a bit of research, revealed that Scorsese has been a long-time wearer and owner of the top replica Rolex Submariner ref. 16610 watches, but not just any ref. 16610. His choice has been what appears to be the 16610LV aka “Kermit” Submariner with its green aluminum bezel commemorating 50 years of Submariner. It was released in 2003 and stayed in the Rolex collection until 2010 when the brand began to transition from aluminum bezel models to ceramic. It’s a notable watch because it had enlarged “maxi” lume plots unlike similar perfect Rolex Submariner copy watches of its day.

After diving into the archives of the internet to find Scorsese in this Swiss movements Rolex replica watches, I returned to a couple of on-set photos from Killers – including one of the key press images from the film – that show him wearing it. Clearly, this is a watch that has some meaning to him, and one that he returns to often.

In fact, it appears that this might have been the only 1:1 China super clone Rolex watches Scorsese brought with him to Oklahoma for the entirety of the shoot. And while it’s not necessarily earth-shattering news to see a director wearing AAA best Rolex Submariner replica watches (James Cameron basically set a precedent here), it feels special with Scorsese. He’s the “President” guy, and this is a tool watch. But it’s also amazing to see him wearing a tool watch while engaged in his craft. The funny part is, it’s not as if he changes his wardrobe for the occasion. You still see him with a dress shirt tucked into a pair of slacks. It’s just the watch that gets more casual.

Funny enough, I was able to spot the Rolex fake watches for sale on Scorsese’s wrist in a post Killers of the Flower Moon context, as he wore it on the set of a commercial shoot for Bleu de Chanel with Dune star Timothée Chalamet. Where the above photo can be difficult to make out the green color of the bezel, this one all but confirms the watch (though the maxi-dial is already something of a dead giveaway).

Checking out the red carpet and various interviews in the lead-up to Killers, the best quality replica Rolex Submariner watches was nowhere to be found. This is Scorsese’s filmmaking watch, the one he wears when he calls “action” and “cut,” the one on his wrist when working with the actors, the one that contains the memories of making the movies we love so much. See you this weekend in the cinema.

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