What Will Luxury Swiss Replica Rolex Watches Release At Watches & Wonders?

The lead-up to Watches & Wonders is always filled with anticipation. And nothing is more anticipated than the lineup of new AAA Rolex replica watches to be released at the trade show by the king of the hill, the big kahuna, the envy of the industry: a little brand called Rolex.

This morning, Rolex dropped a teaser video hinting at what’s to come (see below). It shows just enough to justify damn near any speculation, which of course is part of the fun. And since we’re less than a week away from March 27, when all will be revealed, we choose to speculate as follows.

That’s right. It’s time for us to release our hopes and dreams (we’ll call them predictions) for what’s to come…mere days before those hopes and dreams get shattered.

We put a call out to the entire Hodinkee editorial team to send in their wish for 2023 high quality Rolex fake watches novelty and then did our absolute best Photoshop work to turn those wishes into digital reality. There were no rules, no boundaries – the choices were only limited by our graphic design capability.

Without further ado, here are our 2023 predictions for Rolex ahead of Watches & Wonders. Come right back here on Monday morning when the real watches are set to break the internet. See you then.

Salmon Dial “3-6-9” Oyster Perpetual

Look at the US cheap replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches. No seriously, just look at it. It’s kind of boring, right? Sure, it had a moment a couple years ago when Rolex released all those colorful Stella-inspired dials, but the fun only lasted a year, and unless your name was LeBron or Marky Mark, you probably didn’t get one. Now, the OP lineup is down to the green, don’t-call-it-Tiffany blue, and classic colors like blue and black. Yawn. Compare that with the Datejust line. Dials laser-etched with palms, pyramids, and flowers – the Datejust is a veritable cornucopia next to the staid OP lineup.

When Rolex updated the OP line back in 2020, it axed the OP 39, much to the chagrin of many enthusiasts. It wasn’t just because of the increased size – the effective size of the current OP 41 and OP 39 is actually pretty close (the lug-to-lug on both is about 47mm) – but the 39 had marvelous color options. The most loved might be the white dial OP 39, but the grape, rhodium, and even blue (with its bright-green accents), all had just the right amount of color for 1:1 Rolex copy watches that hit the Goldilocks zone for a time-only proposition.

This year, Rolex should put some different dials in the Oyster Perpetual lineup. Let’s bring some colors like those previous OP 39 models, with sunburst dials and bright complementary accents; more than that, I’d love to see Rolex treat the OP a bit more like the Datejust, trying laser-etched dials and all kinds of different dial treatments.

My suggestion draws on one of my favorite dials from modern-ish Rolex: the salmon 3-6-9 that came in the wholesale replica Rolex Air-King watches of the ’90s. Let’s bring that salmon dial back in the OP 36 and 41. Sure, I’d prefer if the 41 were 39, but now I’m asking for too much.

Solid Gold “6263-Inspired” Daytona

Alright, so I picked the most obvious model, but what better time than the 60th Anniversary of the Daytona for Rolex to dig into their archive of phenomenal vintage Swiss movements fake Rolex watches for inspiration? Sure, “vintage-inspired” might be more Tudor’s bag lately. And sure, Rolex took the 50th Anniversary to release a singular platinum Daytona. But I’m hoping against all hope this year for something to really thank the fans: a 6263-inspired gold Daytona with ceramic bezel. Wouldn’t that be incredible?

I’ve got a personal tier list of my favorite top Rolex Daytona super clone watches, and the top two are gold. Now, I don’t think Rolex would remake the pump-pusher John Player Special, but number two is the reference 6263 and Rolex has a perfect platform for it right now. In fact, it’s been on my mind since seeing Ben Clymer’s 18k ref. 6263. The current Daytonas have screw-down pushers like the 6263 and the steel Cosmographs (and some of the gold Oysterflex models) have ceramic bezels that would look amazing on a yellow-gold watch with a bracelet.

But that’s not enough, I’d want to have two dial options: black with yellow gold subdials and gold with black subdials, neither of which should have circular inner accents or any other colors. Just straight-up, pure, classic best Rolex Daytona replica watches.

40mm Sea-Dweller 4000 RLX Titanium

Okay, hear me out. Given that the reference 116600 Rolex Sea-Dweller replica watches for sale was discontinued in 2017, it has been a while since we had a “standard-sized” Sea-Dweller – the preceding reference 126600 clocked in at a burley 43mm. And look, I’m not saying that the Sea-Dweller vibe doesn’t suit a larger watch (even a MUCH larger watch), I’m just saying that, for me, the SD’s historical appeal was tied to how well Rolex could wrap up the increased capabilities of a pro-spec model without forcing a considerable increase to the footprint of the Submariner.

So, my Rolex wish/prediction is essentially an everyday (read: much smaller) Deepsea Challenge. Sure, it wouldn’t go anywhere near as deep, but in 40mm and titanium – sorry, RLX – it could easily become a sweet spot diver for Rolex in terms of the balance of specs and wearability.

Furthermore, it would actually appeal to the Rolex Sea-Dweller fake watches shop original audience of professional divers. Think of it as the return of the SD4K, but make it like 5K meters, (so, like 16,400 feet). Not enough to challenge the Challenge, but more than enough for all of us budding aquanauts. Give it a matte dial and no cyclops – it’s good business.

Everose Datejust 31 With Pink Floral Dial

Last year we saw the Swiss made replica Rolex Datejust 31 watches get a gorgeous floral dial that played well with the oyster steel and white gold of the case and bracelet. The 31mm sizing combined with the diamond set dial hit the sweet spot of dainty and decorated but discreet enough given its small wrist presence.

I think things will be kicked up a notch this year. I hereby predict similar dial pattern, but this time it’ll hav an Everose bracelet and case and a pink motif dial. A silver one exists already, so I’m hopeful that we’ll see a more saturated take on the dial this year to mirror last year’s deep blue.

Solid Gold White Dial Explorer 36

I started off with some lofty ambitions: smaller size gem-set Daytonas and yellow gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual fake watches site with onyx and lapis dials. I even contemplated a teeny tiny yellow-gold Submariner. But I wasn’t convinced by my own creativity. It was too forced, too try-hard. I moved on, knowing the Rolex muses would whisper the answer when I was least expecting it.

Then the answer came to me, but it was less of a divine intervention and more of a “Okay let’s think hard for 30 minutes because I need to file this in time for the deadline.” So I settled on a white dial 36mm Explorer. I love my Explorer ref. 114270. So much so that all of my other best quality Rolex replica watches have fallen completely by the wayside. If I shut my eyes and listen really carefully I can hear them calling out to me from the depths of my sock drawer. But any time I try to leave the house wearing anything else I feel acute separation anxiety and long for my ref. 114270.

The beauty of the Explorer is that I can wear it with absolutely everything. For evening events I stick to small and yellow gold things, but for my run of the mill day-in, day-out dressing, it’s just me and my Explorer.

Cut to my new white dial fantasy. Owning both dial colors would be like owning a black blazer and a beige trench coat. Both go with everything, but some days one works better than the other.

That said, this is a fantasy driven exercise, why would I sell myself short? I am the girl who wears baggy fuchsia pink jeans with white penny loafers. I need more than a white dial! So I chose a 36mm white dial, yellow gold Explorer with gold markers. And now I am set for both day and night.

Titanium Milgauss With Yellow Lightning Bolt

The Milgauss is Rolex’s most science-y watch. And we know (from last year’s Deepsea Challenge) that the Crown’s designers have been deep in the lab, working with titanium. Since the experimental Deepsea will be worn by approximately no one, let’s put all that materials science research to work on a model from the mainstream Professional line. Antimagnetic Rolex Milgauss replica watches for men in ultralight titanium would be a nerd-core dream – Jim Parsons for brand ambassador! – but it’d also feel tough and toolish enough to justify a 40+mm size.

Most importantly, the new Milgauss would allow Rolex to reassert itself alongside Tudor, the baby-brother brand that rocked the watch world last year with the titanium Tudor Pelagos 39. That watch rules. And a Milgauss in the same badass metal would bring this largely forgotten Rolex model a whole new relevance.

Yellow Gold GMT-Master II With Gold Jubilee Bracelet

My prediction strategy is a purely emotional one. I like to imagine what would get my heart racing if it were to be released. I then try to identify something that doesn’t currently exist and add that to the heart-racing stuff. In this case, after some serious thought, I manifested this yellow-gold online fake Rolex GMT-Master II watches with an all-black bezel.

I mean, first of all, just look at it. It’s hot. But also, Rolex doesn’t currently produce a yellow-gold GMT, and it certainly does not do a Jubilee bracelet in solid gold. With my new fantasy model, Rolex does both of those things.

At first, I imagined a scenario where I could make this a YG Root Beer with a bi-color bezel. In the end, I went for simplicity. That is the Rolex way, after all. And if Rolex were indeed to release this watch, I’d sign up for it right away. Put me on the waitlist, and I’ll see you in 2035.

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