AAA Luxury Rolex GMT-Master II Fake Watches For Sale

Since 2019, when the production of monochrome bezel GMT was completely stopped, 1:1 Rolex GMT-Master replica watches has been selling all kinds of two-color bezels. It includes red and blue bezels, blue and black bezels, black and green bezels, and black and brown bezels.

If steel watches will appear “plain”, the two-color bezel high quality Rolex GMT-Master fake watches is a “wonderful flower” in steel workers (here is a commendatory word). The two-color watch ring greatly enhances the color of Steelwork. It is not only highly recognizable, but also “fashionable”. It is the fashion king of Rolex. Among Rolex, two-color GMT is my favorite style.

At present, best replica Rolex GMT-Master watches with gold is only available in platinum and rose gold. White gold is used on red and blue cola rings, and rose gold is used on black and brown salad rings. And the only gold watch is the gold sash ring in the rose gold room. The two-color watch ring is very fashionable. The gold in the rose gold room adds a sense of luxury. At the same time, the actual price of the gold model is also within the acceptable range. Therefore, I have also started one. Let me talk to you.

Rolex began to launch the two-color circle (model 6542) since the birth of perfect Rolex GMT-Master copy watches in the 1950s. In addition to red, blue, red and black, the first two color matching was brown. However, the brown color matching in history is not the same as it is now, either the brown single color bezel or the golden brown double color.

The brown color matching on Swiss movements Rolex GMT-Master replica watches involves two nicknames abroad, one is “root beer”. The reason is that the brown color matching is similar to the color of root beer drinks, so it is named. The other is “NIPPLE DIAL”, because part of the brown Rolex GMT-Master uses a dot time scale wrapped with a raised golden border, which is very similar to the chest, so it is named.

In the antique Rolex, whether it is a single brown GMT or a golden brown GMT, it will be called “root beer”. The brown China Rolex GMT-Master super clone watches lasted from 6542, 1675, 16753 to the 1980s. After that, it gradually disappeared. Until 2018, Rolex black and brown ceramic circles will return to the world.

Rolex Black and brown bezels, the only gold GMT.

The new GMT Black and brown bezels continues the brown color matching in Rolex history. However, we can see that the “Sashimi Circle” on sale uses black and brown, which is different from the antique model. Now best quality replica Rolex GMT-Master watches bicolor bezels have been replaced with ceramic circles. Among them, the brown ceramic part of the bezels is the latest color of Rolex, such as red, blue and green. These colored ceramics all appear before brown. Rolex ceramic rings are polished. Rolex brown ceramics are bright red in the light.

Top Rolex fake watches are matched with rose gold. The 24-hour numbers and dot scales on the black brown ceramic ring are filled with rose gold. However, it should be noted that the rose gold on the bezel is PVD plated, so if the rose gold number is cut, the gold plating layer will be cut off and the bottom layer will be exposed. I had a golden blue room before, but it was cut and damaged. Please pay attention to protect it.

In order to match the brown watch ring, the hour hand, minute hand, second hand, local time pointer and dot time mark on the watch dial are all rose gold. Compared with the platinum pointer of the red blue cola ring and the blue black inter rice ring, although they are all gold, the rose gold can be seen as a gold needle at a glance. With the rose gold bezel and crown, the luxury is visible to the naked eye. GMT MASTER II English on the plate is also painted rose gold.

Rolex GMT-Master case, like other sports labor, oyster case, 40mm. What is unique about Rolex is that the side of the watch case of other famous watch brands is brushed. The brushed matte surface can make the scratches less obvious. Only Rolex sports watches (including the rudder), the sides of the case and the shoulder pads of the crown are polished. The polished side of the watch case adds reflection, which makes the watch bright when viewed from the side. Cheap replica Rolex GMT-Master watches is 100 meters waterproof.

The Rolex GMT-Master fake watches for men currently on sale can basically be matched with oyster chain and five bead chain. Coke ring, Sprite ring and Inter rice ring all have two kinds of watch chains, except for the salad ring, which can only be matched with oyster chain. Three chain links, the middle chain link is 18K rose gold and polished, the chain links on both sides are wire drawn, and equipped with oyster type watch clasp.

On the movement, you are familiar with it. The Rolex GMT-Master replica watches shop on sale has completely replaced the Rolex new generation 32 series automatic movement, specifically 3285 (as long as there is a small crown mark at 6 o’clock on the dial, it means the 32 series movement is used). The 32 series movement, with 70 hours of power, continues to use the Rolex blue niobium hairspring, the new Chronergy escapement, the caliper free weight fine adjustment swing wheel, the swing frequency is 28800 times/hour, and it is certified by the Rolex Super Observatory, with a daily error of+2/- 2 seconds. Rolex is not transparent, but the movement decoration is in place. The exposed gem bearing has a gold sleeve. The place where the lower plywood of the movement cannot be seen will be polished. The movement decoration is one of the best in the same level.

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