Swiss made Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches Online

Fake Rolex Reference 116710BLNR (First Batman): 2013-19

That all changed in 2013, when perfect fake Rolex presented the ref. 116710BLNR, the original Batman, which used a patented process that resulted in the first bi-color ceramic bezel. According to luxury super clone Rolex, the bezel began as an all-blue, porous piece of ceramic, to which black coloring was subsequently added, but only on one half of the bezel. The blue and black color combination had no precedent in the GMT-Master line, and some speculated that its appearance had as much to do with difficulties realizing a blue-and-red bezel or a black and red bezel as anything else. Regardless, the “Batman” became a bonafide hit, and customers embraced this cheap replica Rolex GMT-Master II, which was also sometimes called the “Bruiser.”

Replica Rolex Reference 116719BLRO (Pepsi Returns, First GMT in White Gold): 2014-18
Up until this point in the Cerachrom cheap fake Rolex GMT-Master II, what has been notably absent, and what many collectors were left anxiously waiting for until 2014, was the iconic Pepsi bezel. Its red and blue halves had come to personify the aaa quality replica Rolex GMT-Master from its earliest days in the mid-’50s. The release of the solid white gold top super clone Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116719BLRO marked the triumphant return of the Pepsi bezel, though with something of a caveat. Rumors had circulated that producing a red version of the material had proven elusive, and that this was further complicated by the need for it to transition to another color, whether it be black to form a Coke bezel or blue to make a Pepsi.

Swiss made replica Rolex proved that it could indeed be done, but the fact remained that the choice of metal to debut the new Cerachrom Pepsi – white gold, a material not yet seen in a GMT-Master – imposed a limit on the demand that the watch could hope to generate. One theory was that the new Pepsi bezels were too difficult to make in the quantities required for a steel version.

Four years later, when high quality fake Rolex did eventually make a steel Pepsi, it switched the dial of the white gold Pepsi from black to blue, and even offered previous buyers the chance to change their dials to blue if they desired. Swiss movement copy Rolex discontinued the 116719BLRO with black dial in favor of the 126719BLRO with blue dial, and that remains in production today.

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