The Cheap Fake Rolex Air-King Revisited

Revisiting a previous Sunday Morning Showdown candidate is something we do in trepidation. Unless we’re bringing in a new opponent for the established fake watch, we try to keep things fresh each week. However, during Watches And Wonders 2022, Swiss replica Rolex sought to revise and update the Air-King and distinguish it as a pilot’s watch. Admittedly, the pre-show teaser images and tagline — “The sky’s the limit” — led me to believe the watch in question was an update to the Sky-Dweller. Instead, it was a remodel of the Air-King. I suppose the historic name ties it to, in best 1:1 replica Rolex’s words, “a homage to aviation”. Yet previously, the Air-King from 2016 was a collaboration between Rolex and the Bloodhound land speed record attempt. top copy Rolex helped construct the supersonic car’s dial cluster, and many of the design cues were carried over and amalgamated into the cheap fake Rolex Air-King reference 116900.

A supersonic car spinning its wheels
With changing ownership and sponsors pulling out, the Bloodhound project has struggled to gain traction. Currently, the car is on display at the Coventry Transport Museum alongside its forebear, the Thrust SSC. The Bloodhound project is quite a letdown, and it shows no signs of going anywhere without sufficient funding. Hence, AAA quality replica Rolex seeks to distance itself from Bloodhound and refocus its attention on the Air-King’s namesake inspiration. Rolex is no stranger to pilot’s watches, with the GMT-Master II being the most well-known.

But when we last featured the Rolex Air-King fake for sale, the editors viewed it as a Milgauss in disguise. It shared the movement, the 40mm case, and the Faraday cage to protect against magnetism. Despite the similarities, it was the dial that received a fair amount of criticism at the time and even today.

The dial has excessive digits and a weird blend of the hour and minute indications on the same scale. Adding to this are the bold gold and green colors for the top copy Rolex logo. While green is emblematic of Rolex branding and packaging, its use on the dial was too much for some. For others, it was precisely the level of fun they felt was missing from the line-up, Gerard included. Time to see if the new updates to the Rolex Air-King replica online can breed any new fans. But first, looking back at last week, it seems the Vacheron Constantin “Triple-Two” got the better of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Some of you remarked on the difference in gold hues between the VC’s yellow gold and the AP’s pink gold. Maybe if Ben chose the yellow gold AP, he might have had a chance, but in the end, the 222 won out with 59%.

The 40mm 1:1 fake Rolex Air-King has always been considered an oddity. Prior to the 116900, the Air-King had a longstanding history of being the entry-level Oyster Perpetual for service members and aviators. The 34mm case was positively oversized in the 1940s, and it housed a non-chronometer “Precision” movement. With its inexpensive positioning and sparse dial, the Rolex Air-King replica Paypal was often stamped with company logos as gifts for employees.

The 2016 cheap copy Rolex Air-King was none of these things, as powering the reference 116900 Air-King was the Superlative Chronometer caliber 3131. Also, Rolex upped the case to the gentleman’s size of 40mm, and the dial was so busy that there was no room for co-branding. Except for its stylized Rolex Air-King fake online lettering, the reference 116900 seemed like an outlier to the range.

I wouldn’t say I was one of the detractors, but the Air-King was not my pick of the bunch. It wasn’t so much the minute digits on the dial that irked me. Rather, it was the hour digits. In 2016, Swiss movement replica Rolex made a big deal about adding lumed 3, 6, and 9 numerals to the 39mm Explorer. Previously, these were applied 18K white gold indices with a high polish. Making them luminescent allowed them to stand apart from the glossy black dial in low-light scenarios. Yet, at the same time, the contemporary super clone Rolex Air-King came with the magically disappearing 3, 6, and 9. It sent a strange message for the advancements of one model over a just-released reference. I also made a point in my article on the design flaw of the Air-King:

A worthy successor
Flash-forward to 2022, where everybody is under the impression the high quality replica Rolex Air-King will quietly bow out, and it comes back with a brand-new reference. The ref. 126900 comes in a slimmer and sportier case yet retains the all-brushed bracelet and lugs. Stepping out of the shadow of the Milgauss lets the AAA copy Rolex Air-King show its true self. While I am a big fan of the Milgauss, sharing the caliber 3131 with the soft iron inner shell makes it a little unwieldy. Thanks to the advancements of caliber 3230 and the paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, the best quality fake Rolex Air-King no longer needs the Faraday cage. Dropping the inner protection lowers the case height from 13.1mm on the previous model to 11.59mm for the new 126900. Scaling back the thickness has a profound effect on the wearability of the new Air-King, and the new model hugs the wrist far more closely.

Importantly, my earlier remark on adding the 0 before the 5 on the dial came to fruition. Many echoed this point, and eventually, Swiss made fake Rolex listened. It may still be a busy dial, but it’s far more harmonious than it was before. The polished case flanks are now slab-sided in keeping with the professional models such as the Submariner and GMT-Master II. In the previous case, the rounded edges were a dressier flourish seen on the Daytona and Datejust replica watches online. The crown is now shielded by guards on the opposite side, pushing it further into the sports-watch category. Not just slimmer, the lug-to-lug also shortens on the new best replica Rolex from 48mm to 47mm for a neater package.

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