The modern Rolex GMT-Master II replica watches for sale

The original 1:1 fake Rolex GMT-Master is one of the most iconic watches ever created. I love Rolex’s travel watch because it spawned an entire category of watches that came after it. On top of that, the Crown released quite a few brilliant versions of the GMT-Master.

In the Buying Guide about the best replica Rolex watches from the 1950s, I explained the first GMT-Master ref. 6542 is my favorite vintage Rolex. And I still stand by that. Okay, maybe it has to share the spot with the super clone Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655. But the general idea of a watch that portrays the adventures and glamorous world of travel is still magical even seven decades later.

But what did change is the watch itself. I love a good vintage Rolex GMT-Master replica for sale. I particularly love the watch because it handles wear-and-tear really well. It’s probably the only Rolex and one of the few watches overall I love seeing all beaten up, and it seems to only increase its charm. The one Rolex GMT-Master copy online that I would go for is the ref. 1675. It embodies the vintage spirit of world travel that I love so much, which is why I would go for that. It’s this charm that I miss with the modern GMT-Master II ref. 126710.

Ever since AAA replica Rolex updated its top travel watch and equipped it with the ceramic bezel, it has lost a lot of its original appeal. It has become a louder, flashier watch, and, honestly, I’m not too fond of the red and blue tones used for the ceramic bezel. Now, don’t get me wrong; it’s still an amazing watch with an amazing story. On top of that, high quality fake Rolex has increased the quality of the materials and the movement to great levels.

But if you are going to spend a lot of money on a watch, you have to be sure that this is the watch for you. And as it stands, my money would either go to a vintage GMT-Master or an alternative. But is that even possible? Let’s find out if these five choices are real alternatives for the current Swiss made fake Rolex GMT-Master II.

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