First appearing during the 1950s, the perfect Rolex Date replica offers much of the same design and functionality as the classic 36mm Datejust, but with a smaller 34mm case diameter. Although it has existed as a number of different references over the years, the reference 1500 is the quintessential example of Rolex’s smaller date-displaying wristwatch. First appearing during the early 1960s and remaining in production through the end of the 1970s, the Rolex Date ref. 1500 was produced in a number of different materials and fitted with a variety of different dials over the course of its production.

Fake Rolex 1500 Watch With Date Window

The best fake Rolex Date 1500 could just as easily be considered a date-displaying version of the classic 34mm Oyster Perpetual as it could a 2mm smaller version of the Datejust. Although it was never offered with quite the same range of options as the Datejust collection, the Rolex Date reference 1500 does share the exact same COSC-certified movement as Rolex’s Datejust watches from the same era. Unlike some of Rolex’s other watches with 34mm case diameters, such as the Air-King and Oysterdate (which were not chronometer-certified), the Rolex Date makes absolutely zero compromises in regards to timekeeping accuracy or overall reliability.

34MM Replica Rolex Date 1500 Watch

As one of the least expensive vintage Swiss made Rolex watches replica, the reference 1500 Rolex Date offers tremendous value for the money, and represents classic Rolex at its very best. Aside from its functional design, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date ref: 1500 is an appealing timepiece to own due to its easy-to-wear design that has remained timeless throughout the past half a century. With most examples priced between $2,500 and $5,000 on the pre-owned market, it’s also incredibly affordable for a timeless classic from the world’s most famous luxury watch manufacturer. Let’s take a look at the Rolex Date 1500 and its key features in a little more detail.

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Earlier in the week we uncovered a group of celebrities whose daily weapon of choice is not just a modded Rolex replica, but a modded Milgauss. And not just modded, fully blacked-out, including the bracelet. In our research for that story, with a little help from Nick Gould, we discovered this example – David Beckham wearing a murdered-out black ceramic bezel fake Rolex Sea-Dweller. Never forget that Becks is a proper watch addict. Tudor ambassador he may be, but connoisseur of many other models he remains! Also including some pretty unusual Tudor references, one of which is included below for good measure.

David Beckham – Rolex Sea-Dweller
David Beckham is widely known as a Tudor ambassador – and is frequently spotted wearing variations of the Black Bay lineup. That being said, the soccer legend has been known to wear other luxury watch brands as well – including a custom blacked-out Rolex Sea-Dweller copy with black steel bracelet.
The black DLC or PVD treatment really mutes down the flashy nature of the watch, deadening and making non-reflective its high-polished surfaces. High quality replica Rolex is known for making watches that can be immediately recognised from afar. The stealth factor, inherent in all black designs, makes the watch much more under the radar – pairing well with Beckham’s signature black T-shirt and jeans look.

And here’s that custom Tudor we mentioned…
Earlier in the year, we reported that Beckam’s Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami – or Inter Miami – played and lost their first two games before having the league shut down for a month due to COVID-19. On the plus side, Beckham has already wangled a new watch out of it. The 44-year-old has been spotted with a rare custom Tudor Pelagos dangling from his heavily tattooed wrist.
In modern diving-watch circles, the Pelagos rates highly — it won the prestigious Best Sports Watch category at the 2015 GPHG Awards. Nicely sized at 42mm, it’s got a lightweight build thanks to its titanium case, a ceramic bezel, auto-adjusting clasp, plus a highly respectable 500m of water resistance.

At first glance, you may not recognize one of the more noteworthy increases in the new replica Rolex Submariner 41mm collection. Rolex has indeed changed the lug width on these upgraded models. For decades, Rolex Submariners, GMT Masters, and almost every other Rolex Professional model featured 20mm wide lugs, which is coincidentally the industry-standard lug width for tool watches.
Not anymore! The new Submariner collection indeed features 21mm wide lugs. This change was made to make room for a broader Oyster bracelet, which the brand says is redesigned from clasp to lug. More on that later.

When you hear the terms “slimming,” “width,” “upsized,” etc., you would generally think that with a watch such as this, the next logical change would be in the thickness of the case. However, based on our measurements, the new collection maintains the same thickness (approx. 12mm) as its predecessor.
Now that we’ve gone through the finer points of the steel case fake Rolex Submariner 41mm’s case. Let’s talk about one final point, the crown. We would be remiss if we didn’t shine a light on this critical piece of dive watch hardware. The updated Submariner features small refinements to its Triplock crown.
As you can see in the images, the guards surrounding the Submariner 41mm’s crown look slightly different from its predecessor. This is due to slight changes to these guards’ design, causing them to become somewhat more angled as they taper towards the case.
Another central talking point of the Submariner 41mm is its Oyster bracelet, which has been redesigned. The majority of these updates were done to complement the updated case proportions. As we hinted at earlier, the bracelet was widened by approx. 1mm to fit the increased lug width. This widening is carried throughout the 3-link Oystersteel bracelet as it tapers from the Oysterclasp up to the integrated end-links.
Color Waves
One of the reasons collectors love the Submariner is the diverse assortment of color options available throughout the lineup. Any subtle changes to these models are long-rumored and discussed before their announcements and long-debated after their release.
Fans of The Crown always go crazy when the brand changes the beloved Submariner’s color palettes. While the brand didn’t bring forth any new color codes in the Submariner 41mm, it did make two very notable changes to its two most colorful models.
the now-discontinued ref. 116610LV (aka “Hulk”) Submariner Date has been replaced with the stainless steel bracelet fake Rolex Submariner ref.126610LV. Like its counterpart, it also features a black dial, but in this case, it brings over the green bezel from its predecessor.
Rolex has made very gradual improvements to the dials in the Submariner 41mm. One thing that struck my eye was the “Swiss Made” insignia at six o’clock.

As you’ll see in the photos, the brand has opted to place the Rolex coronet (crown) between the words “Swiss” and “Made.”
New Movement
Lastly, Rolex has brought forward its latest movement innovations to the new Submariner 41mm. Notably, there are new calibres in play across this comprehensive lineup. The cheap Rolex Submariner ref.124060 replica watch is equipped with Calibre 3235 powers the Submariner Date models, and the Calibre 3230 is found in the no-date model. Both movements are automatic winding and COSC-certified.
This new movement boasts a power reserve of approximately 70 hours compared to its predecessor’s 48 hours. Also, these new movements include Rolex’s Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and its proprietary Chronergy escapement.

From his teenage years on, Bernhard Bulang was always interested in watches and specifically in the dials. An informal collector of early Rolex replica watches and other cheap models, Bulang remembers his first big-brand watch: a TAG Heuer Formula 1, which he wore surfing and when playing tennis. It was at this point that he also discovered his father’s old Heuer Camaro, a watch he would occasionally wear to school and that marked his first taste of vintage.

“As time moved on, I was always collecting vintage stuff,” he says. “I loved timeless objects that connected with me aesthetically as a designer, and objects that had a story behind them. I collected vintage fountain pens and enjoyed the emotion of writing or drawing sketches and concepts with them; writing in the modern era with a vintage pen. This has been a theme for me, the friction of the vintage and modern. A vintage piece combined with a modern surrounding – what I call pleasant friction. I love the idea of using a vintage pen and an iPhone 7 in the same meeting or writing on paper and saving an image of it to iCloud.”

Gold case Rolex fake watches.

Known today for his love of Rolex, Bulang actually started with an interest in other brands – classics like the Omega Speedmaster, Heuer Monaco and Patek Philippe Calatrava. Then one day he visited Dutch Rolex expert Philipp Stahl’s watch shop to view an early IWC Aquatimer. “Philipp showed me a vintage Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 and I was smitten,” he says. “I actually bought the Aquatimer, but within a week I returned and bought a vintage Rolex Submariner ref. 6536 fake watches– the ‘small crown’. From then on I was hooked and became obsessed in the details of vintage Rolex, becoming a prominent member of online forums and sharing the details and passion for these old watches. It was a crazy time where the now-accepted knowledge of vintage Rolex watches was still emerging and there were new discoveries every week.

“What excited me so much about the vintage pieces was the mixture of timeless, iconic designs coupled with the great history of the watches. Also, the style of these watches was a big magnet for me – the enduring design of the Oyster case Rolex copy watches, the warm patina on the dials, a faded inlay and the domed plastic crystal. Perfect!”

Leather strap Rolex watches.

But the biggest attraction of all for Bulang was the people – a diverse group, all connected through a deep love for watches. The friendships, trust and support amongst the community was, for Bulang, the biggest treasure on the vintage Rolex scene, allowing him to make many great friends from all over the world – people with great taste, stories and devotion to vintage Rolex.