Like pretty much every vintage Rolex, the best replica Rolex Day-Date is a classic. And with all classics, they rely on their timelessness, simplicity, and versatility over uniqueness. So why, then, was I taken aback by a Day-Date when I was tasked with shooting it for the shop? Well, because it’s not just any Day-Date.

Photographing vintage replica watches is a challenge in the best sense. The tones of tropical dials and color casts of vintage cases need to be matched with care and precision, and in the case of this Day-Date, the white gold was not a pure grey but over time had turned a slight champagne color. Not quite grey, not quite yellow – I knew I had to nail the color.
But the case color wasn’t the first thing I noticed about the Swiss movement Rolex Day-Date replica watch. While it’s not uncommon to see European languages printed on the date wheels, I noticed the word “Al Sabt” (or “Saturday”) in Arabic script on the top. Famously, this word comes from the Arabic word “to hibernate,” and my mind raced about where this watch may have been buried and lived until this moment. My mind raced with fantasies and stories about the Middle East, the previous owners of the watch, and the places it may have been.

My father was born in Iraq, and I knew this would be a watch to pique his interest because it immediately piqued mine. And so, capturing the shimmering dial, the beautiful Arabic script, and the champagne-tinged bracelet was not just part of my task as a photographer here, it became my duty — my responsibility — to make the world see this watch the way I had. I could now envision the new home for this luxury Rolex copy watch, just as I had dreamed about the previous ones.

A Datejust ref.1600 was actually my first fake Rolex. I still have it, and although that watch became a bit obsolete in my collection, I do cherish it. It is a classic and especially on a Jubilee bracelet, an incredibly comfortable watch to wear.
Later on, I added a luxury replica Rolex Datejust 16200 and even an OysterQuartz Datejust 17013. The Rolex Datejust 16200 didn’t add much to the Datejust 1600 in my opinion, so it had to go, but I regret selling the 17013 a bit. That is an awesome watch, despite horological purists are known to throw a bit up in their mouth when hearing the word “quartz” or “battery”.
Before I started writing this article, I took a 1986 brochure (with price list) from my drawer and looked up some of the prices back then. Sure, the prices were much different back then (a Datejust started at €1,330), but I found it interesting to see that there wasn’t much of a difference between the price of a mechanical Datejust and the OysterQuartz Datejust (€3,175 vs €3,135). Anyway, I made sure to include at least one OysterQuartz in this overview, and I have to say, it is tempting…

Rolex Datejust Ref.16013 Replica With Gold And Steel Bracelet
To me, this is the archetype of aaa quality fake Rolex Datejust. Steel & gold, or bi-color, that’s how a Datejust should be in my book. This 16013 dates back to 1978 and still has that Plexi crystal. It is also the first generation of Datejust watches with a quickset date feature. This particular model comes with a white dial and gold Roman numerals (applied). A handsome configuration. Another favorite of mine is the Datejust 16013 with tapestry dial. Anyway, the seller of this watch is located in Greece and claims this watch to be in very good condition (for 1978). The best 1:1 replica Rolex Datejust 16013 has caliber 3055 inside (where the balance wheel was not connected to a bridge but a cock instead) and comes on the Jubilee bracelet. Make sure to check whether the bracelet doesn’t have too much stretch. Click here for this offer on the Rolex Datejust 16013.