Introducing The Origin Of Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica Watches With High-Performance

Before the appearance of Yacht-Master II, Daytona is the most complex models of modern Rolex. It is not strange that Rolex doesn’t manufacture timepieces with complex functions. You’d better start from the chronograph if you want to know the history of the famous Rolex Cosmograph Daytona fake watches. It took about 5 years for watchmakers to combine the ordinary wristwatches with the function of chronograph at that time. Rolex is not the pioneer in the field of chronograph wristwatches, while they focused their attention on the research of Oyster and automatic devices.

The Rolex wristwatches were designed with two pushers, making the arrival of the times of pure chronographs which allows the chronograph to have a stop function during the timing.

Black Leather Strap Rolex Replica

In the late 1930s, Rolex decided to develop their own sports chronograph watch because the Oyster structure positioned it in the market of sporty watches. In order to reduce the time of procedure, Rolex bought movement from Valjoux to equip on its products. The model with one pusher is easy to use but the structure is too simple, so it can’t meet the demand from more and more users. The appearance of the wristwatches with two pushers were born, symbolizing the arrival of the time of real chronographs which allows the chronograph to have a stop function during the timing. The Rolex imitation with white dial made the measurement of football game become more accurate.

The three white sub-dials were contrasting to the black dial, generating a striking visual effect.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Copy With Oystersteel Case

In 1960s, the chronograph wristwatches had been changed a lot and renamed as Cosmograph Oyster chronograph by Rolex, replacing the Tachymeter on the side of bezel from the dial. The knockoff watch with multiple functions including waterproofness, Oyster folding bracelet and the bezel that allow the wearers to know the average lap speed, become more and more popular among the racing drivers. Rolex named its product Cosmograph Daytona with the name of the famous location for racing: Daytona Beach.