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One of the most interesting things about swiss replica Rolex watches are the amount of time and energy the company puts into research and development – and moreover, R&D the fruits of which often never see the light of day, at least in the form in which they are originally patented. Fortunately for the curious, patents are a matter of public record, and if you’re inclined, you can find fascinating examples in patent databases that give hints as to what the company spends its time researching, and even make some (at least semi-educated) guesses as to how information gleaned from basic research filters down to products that end up on consumer’s wrists.

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At Baselworld 2015, Rolex introduced a new movement in the newest version of the Day-Date: the caliber 3255. The Day-Date is one of the flagship models for Rolex, obviously, and it makes sense that they’d introduce a new flagship movement. The caliber 3255 is designed from the ground up for optimum performance in just about every respect imaginable, and though it follows the same basic ground plan that’s been in place for mechanical watches since the debut of the lever escapement in 1755, based on what we heard about the movement when it was launched, it looks like just about every part of the movement has been scrutinized and most of them reworked – over 90%, according to Rolex.

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Everything, including the Parachrom balance and newly reformulated lubricants, is in-house. Of course, the most significant upgrade is probably the Rolex day date cheap fake watches Chronergy escapement, which uses a novel geometry, as well as a skeletonized (lighter, lower inertia) escape wheel to produce a 15% gain in efficiency in transmission of energy from the escape wheel, via the lever, to the balance itself. Since the lever and escape wheel are made of non-magnetic materials (nickel-phosphorus) and the balance spring is made from a non-magnetic niobium-zirconium alloy, the movement’s highly resistant to magnetism as well.
All this adds up to an impression of a certain kind of research and development. You could look at it and characterize it as incremental, sure, but it’s more than that; it’s fundamental. These are improvements that haven’t been made to create aura for a few months or to generate largely theoretical rather than practical advantages. Rose gold new Rolex replica watches focus on things like better lubrication, superior power delivery from the mainspring through to the balance, and improved rate stability, in watches that are meant to be delivered not to a small group of connoisseurs, but to the general watch-buying public. So where do you get information on watchmaking fundamentals like variations in escapement geometry, and sliding friction in escapements, from?