Swiss Replica Rolex Day-Date Series 40mm Diameter Gold Dial Watches For Sale

Rolex introduced the new generation of the Rolex Replica Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 Watches which features a 40mm case with a new mechanical movement Caliber 3255 in BaselWorld 2015. This updates the Day-Date collection which was first launched in 1956. A special exhibition is now launched to celebrate its history and to showcase the collection.


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Held in two instalments this January and February, visitors are invited to discover the history of the Day-Date and the new collection models, at the following locations:
The Hour Glass, ION Orchard
11 January to 24 January 2016
Emperor Watch & Jewellery, Wisma Atria
26 January to 10 February 2016
There will be informational displays showing the history of the Day-Date and 3D videos, stories, archive photographs and an exploded view of a movement, several of the new collection’s models are on display.
The stainless steel bezel Rolex fake watches was the first waterproof and automatic chronometer wristwatch with an instantaneous day and date on the dial.


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The watch is known as “presidents’ watch”. In 1956, Rolex cheap fake diving watches reportedly gave one to the President of the United States Dwight Eisenhower. Some sources say that Eisenhower was actually given a Datejust (not Day-Date) with the presidential style bracelet. Several other US presidents are also known to wear Day-Date, for example Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Reagan.