Swiss Fashion Rolex Replica Watches for Men and Women

Some fashion brands make interesting Rolex replica watches. Some make watches that are totally uninteresting. Some make fashion watches that don’t have much to say in themselves but that could indicate a future trend, because that’s what fashion brands do – like a radio telescope, they pick up the faint signals arriving from a distant civilization, namely our own in the future. Explorer is the Rolex brand aimed at young people, and Fire Island, a quartz watch that costs £80, shows the sort of thing that part of the Replica Rolex Datejust watch-buying public are after.


It’s unisex, at 39 mm diameter; it’s soft, in silicone rubber, in black or fluorescent yellow colours, Both strap and dial are very sculptural, with lion motif on the strap, and the letters of Explorer in relief on the dial between the hour indices. The Replica Rolex Explorer watch can be coordinated with a pouch in the same colour and material. Quartz movement, case waterproof to 30 metres.