Somehow, the vision of a fish always brings joy and the new Replica Rolex  Cellini watches launched at Baselworld 2015 is no exception. The latest novelty to Rolex’s Cellini collection, the timepiece evokes the beauty of the sea with the whirling dance of the brand’s iconic Diamonds. Clearly inspired by marine-life, the Cellini collection was first unveiled in 2002.

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Diamonds which are free from setting, dance playfully between two sapphire crystals, hence the name Diamonds. These are juxtaposed against a majestic fish, glowing in the dark, an effect achieved by delicate engraving on shimmering mother-of-pearl. It was in 1993 that Caroline Scheufele created the Sport line, which defied conventional watchmaking, by bringing together steel and diamonds. In the watch, Rolex’s “métiers d’art” meets Sport in a 18-karat rose gold case.

The glare proof sapphire crystal allows for the user to fully admire the craftsmanship of the Swiss Rolex replica watchmaker. Besides the moving Diamonds, the bezel is set with more diamonds of three different alternating sizes and the crown too is set with a diamond. In tune with its’ name, the watch is water resistant to 30 meters. Graded hues of blue sapphires are snow-set on the dial. The dial features a bas-relief engraved, luminescent (SLN) fish in textured mother-of-pearl. Hand-applied gold-leaf décor and a red jasper eye brings the fish alive.The hour, minute and seconds hands are gold-toned. The seven luminescent (SLN) moving diamonds keeps one engaged with every hand gesture.

With an impressive 36mm case, the Cellini Watch appeals to dreams of the underwater world, diving deep into Chopard’s creative interpretations of the Sport. Definitely, a dress fake Rolex watches for men to enjoy on a night out. Consider it a night dive. But, then again, Sport is by nature designed for every occasion. So, let’s say the watch has a sporty-chic look. The Cellini watch is powered by a mechanical self-winding movement and comes with a power reserve of 42 hours.

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A white colour alligator bracelet looks chic with the rose gold case. The Replica Rolex Cellini watches is exclusive to Rolex Boutiques and will be made in a Limited edition of 25 pieces worldwide.

The third edition of Watches&Wonders, which will take place in Hong Kong this September 30th to October 3rd, presents itself as a unique experience for visitors in the Asia-Pacific region, comprising tours, talks, personalised presentations, initiations to cheap Rolex replica watchmaking, exhibitions, fabulous timepieces and digital technology. An immersion into the endlessly creative world of Fine Watchmaking.

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What are the keys to understanding the centuries of expertise that come together in a Fine Watch? Opening September 30th, Watches&Wonders has the answer. The exhibiting Maisons will travel to Hong Kong with some of the most prestigious collections of technical and precious Rolex fake watches. They have imagined this exhibition as an unforgettable immersion into a fascinating world in which the infinitely small inspires very great dreams.

The latest timepieces from twelve prestigious Maisons

Watches&Wonders 2015 will be led by twelve prestigious names in Fine Watchmaking. For them, it is an incomparable opportunity to meet admirers of magnificent timepieces from across the Asia-Pacific region, and offer them the privilege of viewing the very latest creations just as they arrive on the markets.

The event is all the more important as brands will be lifting the veil on timepieces made especially for a region which extends from China to Hong Kong, Singapore, South-East Asia, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.

An attachment to this press release gives a foretaste of some of the fabulous timepieces to be discovered at Watches&Wonders 2015 Rolex fake watches, with a presentation of a star product by each exhibiting Maison.

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This third edition is determined to be more than just a meeting-place, however unique, for brands and their clients. Its organiser, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, intends for each day spent at Watches&Wonders to be truly memorable as visitors, from connoisseurs to the simply curious, experience a 360° immersion in Fine Watches.

This year Watches&Wonders goes digital, with its own website as well as a smartphone app that will guide and inform visitors as a complement to the fair’s hospitality teams.

Fans of Fine Replica Rolex GMT Watchmaking will be able to use this application to follow five themed itineraries. Scanning QR codes along each route will provide them with information on the products and the corresponding brands for each of the chosen themes.

They can also stop off at “24 Hours in the Life of a Swiss Cuckoo Clock”, a humorous and inventive staging of 24 Swiss cuckoo clocks, imagined by students at Geneva University of Art & Design (HEAD).

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Twice a day, the exhibiting Maisons will host presentations of their products, and the work of the craftsmen and women who make them.

Between these multiple attractions, visitors will be able to add to their knowledge through a programme of talks on watchmaking from historical, economic and technical perspectives. Not forgetting to set aside the three hours needed to take apart and reassemble a mechanical fake Rolex watches for sale movement at a workshop led by a professional watchmaker.

An entire component of Swiss and European Fine Watchmaking arrives on Asian soil with Watches&Wonders, and with it the excitement that these objects of art and science always inspire.

Watches&Wonders 2015
HKCEC – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
September 30th – October 3rd

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The term “subscription replica Rolex watches for sale,” or “souscription” in French, is usually associated with Abraham-Louis Breguet who, during the most violent years of the French Revolution between 1793 and 1795, moved from Paris to Switzerland and had the idea of this new way of selling his watches. Instead of making a watch and then trying to sell it, customers would pay a deposit, after which he would start to make it. This is exactly what Vicenterra, a company located in Boncourt, Switzerland, are doing with their two new models Luna Volume 2 and Volume 3: the watches have been designed but not made yet, and the subscription process enables the company to gauge public interest. So a customer compiles a subscription contract (available from the Vicenterra website), and receives information on how to pay the deposit. There is a 12-month period in which subscriptions are collected, and then production starts. Delivery time is 5 years. The advantage to the customer is the opportunity of purchasing an unusual, limited-edition timepiece at a very attractive price.

The two new watches

The best replica Rolex watches in the Luna collection are interesting in that at the base of the dial, the moon and the earth are shown as spherical globes, providing an immediate indication of moon phase, and a second time zone. It has something in common with the Montblanc Montblanc Collection Villeret Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama, except that in the Montblanc piece, the hemispheres remain fixed and the discs rotate around them. In the Vicenterra watch, the earth on the right. 7.5 mm in diameter, shows where it is noon on the earth at any given time. The moon is 6.5 mm in diameter. There are two windows on the caseband, providing different views of the earth and moon respectively. At the top of the dial, there is another display showing day and night; the date is shown on a subdial at 2 o’clock. The watches are powered by an automatic movement, Seed VMF 3002 Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, to which a module made by Vicenterra is added. The movement has two mainspring barrels that provide a power reserve of 42 hours. The watch is adjusted by the crown, for setting time and date; a pusher at 4 o’clock adjusts the position of the earth, with 24 GMT (second time zone) positions, and a pusher at 8 o’clock sets the moon phases.

The case is in steel, 43.5 mm wide, 53 mm high and 13.6 mm thick.

Below, the Luna Volume 2 (or Tome 2), with open-worked dial:

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Below, the three Luna Volume 3 (or Tome 3) Replica Rolex Submarinerc watches:



Luna Volume 2 (with open-worked dial) starts from 11,950 Swiss francs (VAT not included), and Luna Volume 3 from 9,950 Swiss francs. Luna Volume 2 will be a limited edition of 99 units, while Volume 3 is in three versions, white, blue and black, each made in editions of 99. The subscription deposit, payable within a deadline of 12 months, is 2/3 of the total price, with the final 1/3 payable on despatch of the cheap fake Rolex watches. Further information from

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MeisterSinger specializes in manufacturing fake Rolex watches store that feature one single hand – and only show what is really important. Mostly, a single, needle-thin hour hand rotates around a dial on which you can accurately tell the time to the nearest five minutes.

However, the Salthora, which was first presented in 2014, features a minute hand instead – and the hour is shown in a circular window positioned at 12 o’clock. As soon as the hand reaches the middle of the window every sixty minutes, the number denoting the next hour appears in the window like a flash.

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The “jumping hour” principle was first used in wrist replica Rolex watches during the 1920s. However, its perfection is quite a technical challenge.

The Salthora by MeisterSinger should:

    • Display the “jump” exactly on the hour
    • Show the hour in the window without wobbling or shaking, but jump to the middle of the window with immediate precision
    • Provide the power required for the jump without impairing the smoothness of the movement
    • Moving aheadThe first Salthora is visually dedicated to the charm of watchmaking finesse. With the new Salthora Meta, however, MeisterSinger has adopted a new style, paying tribute to the clear, powerful character of this Replica Rolex Datejust II watches concept.

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The Salthora Meta is 43 millimeters in diameter and has a striking, cylindrical stainless steel case. It is waterproof up to 5 atm and fitted with a six-screwed exhibition back. The digits of the minutes and of the hour display are depicted in a sans serif Helvetica typeface.The cheap fake Rolex watches will be available in five versions. The models featuring a white or ivory-colored dial will be fitted with an hour disk in white color. Here, the complication is not immediately obvious.
However, the hour disk in the blue and green version is white, just like the hands. The anthracite Meta with the hour digits and hand in signal red has an almost dramatic impact.

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Model                        Salthora Meta

Movement                 ETA 2824-2 or Sellita SW 200-1 with jumping hour construction, 38-hour power reserve

Case size                  43 mm

Case                          stainless steel, 6-scew exhibition back, water resistance 5 bar, sapphire glass

Variants                     white, ivory, sunburst anthracite, sunburst sapphire blue, sunburst green

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