There is big news, and there is Rolex big news, and in some ways, ne’er the twain shall meet. At Baselworld this year, Rolex debuted a first for the company: the very first, ever, Rolex delivered on a rubber strap. Now, for most companies this would have little effect on Rolex replica watches enthusiasts other than to evoke (very) tepid interest at best, and boredom at worst – but this is not an ordinary rubber strap, this is an official, designed-and-tested-and-thoroughly-obsessed-over-by-Rolex rubber strap. And thereby hangs a tale.

Rolex Replica Yachtmaster 40mmThe Yachtmaster, as we have mentioned in some of our previous coverage, occupies a somewhat particular place in Rolex’s lineup of sports watches; it shares water-resistance and a turning bezel with the Submariner (the latter is water resistant to 300 m while the Yachtmaster standard model is water resistant to 100 m). It is certainly not a tool Rolex replica watches; the Yachtmaster is offered in either platinum and steel, or gold and steel (that’s Rolesium and Rolesor, lest we forget) and is either quietly or unequivocally luxurious depending on what size and metal you go for (Rolex makes the Yachtmaster in both 35 mm and 40 mm sizes). The Yachtmaster’s history goes back to the first introduction of the watch in 1992, although the name, interestingly enough, appears on the dial of a prototype Yachtmaster Chronograph from the late 1960s.

Replica Rolex Yachtmaster 40mmThe term “Yachtmaster” is also, incidentally, used for a certificate of competency in yachting which is issued by the Royal Yachting Association, although we’re unaware of any specific association between the RYA and the Yachtmaster watch.

Now, this newest version of the Yachtmaster does take a few pages from the existing Yachtmaster playbook: 100-meter water resistance, a bidirectional turning bezel, and a dial and hands that echo the Submariner. There are also a couple of features that may make vintage Sub enthusiasts wonder if Rolex mightn’t have an exceedingly subtle sense of humor; the gilt coronet and “Rolex,” and the red lettering, both features which according to HODINKEE founder Ben Clymer would have, had they appeared on a Rolex dive replica watches, made it instantly the single most popular watch in the modern Rolex inventory. The case is rose gold – Rolex famously makes their own, called Everose, in their own foundry, with a bit of platinum mixed in to prevent discoloration – and the bezel, rather than being some other precious metal (as is the case in the “standard” Yachtmasters) is in black Cerachrom – a very technical-looking matte black that contrasts sharply with the gold case.  Somehow, between the rose gold, the Cerachrom bezel, and the new Oysterflex bracelet this manages to be the most luxurious and at the same time most technical Yachtmaster yet.

Rolex Replica YachtmasterThe two different versions of the Everose Yachtmaster (40 mm and 37 mm) sport different movements; the larger uses the caliber 3135 and the smaller, the newer 2236, which sports the “Syloxi” silicon balance spring (first used by Rolex in 2014).

Rolex Yachtmaster ReplicaThe Oysterflex bracelet is, in a nutshell, quite a piece of work. One of the most endearing traits of Rolex as a company is that it tends to demonstrate what we can only describe as a laudable degree of corporate obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to research and development, and it does so, often, without making any sort of fanfare about it at all. In this case we do know a little bit about the Oysterflex, however – it is basically designed to have the hypoallergenic and comfort properties of a rubber strap and the durability and shape-retention properties of a bracelet. At the core of the Oysterflex bracelet are metal inserts made of titanium and nickel, which are used to affix the bracelet to the clasp and Rolex Replica Yachtmaster watches case; over those is a sheathing of “high-performance black elastomer.” “Elastomer” is a portmanteau word, formed from “elastic” and “polymer” and is a general term for natural and synthetic rubbers. In addition to the materials complexity of the Oysterflex bracelet, it is also shaped in a rather unusual fashion – there are ridges molded into the the wristward face of the bracelet, which are intended to allow the bracelet when worn to better approximate the natural curvature of the wrist.

Rolex Yachtmaster Replica 40mmThey might look a bit odd but in practice, the design works out quite wonderfully; this is easily the most downright comfortable and organic-feeling rubber strap I have ever worn, and like the entire watch manages to be both extremely technical in feel, and very luxurious at the same time; I doubt whether any company has ever taken so much trouble over the design of a strap (for all that Rolex prefers the term “bracelet” in describing the Oysterflex, habit dies hard and you’ll probably find yourself calling it a strap, just as we did). On the wrist, the two stabilizing ridges do exactly what they are supposed to: keep the watch from shifting, as heavier watches on rubber straps are wont to do, without requiring you to have the strap uncomfortably tight. The Everose Oysterlock clasp does a superb job mechanically and also looks fabulous into the bargain; the quality of finish on the clasp and case may not seem terribly elaborate at first, but it is as technically flawless as anything I have ever seen at any price, on any watch.

Rolex Yachtmaster Replica watchesWhat we have here, in other words, is a very Rolex interpretation of luxury. Yes, this is a gold watch, and a gold Rolex replica watches, and wearing a gold Rolex always carries with it, shall we say, certain semiotic complexities. However there is also another side to the watch, and to the Rolex approach to luxury in general: the taking of such pains to produce technical perfection that technical perfection becomes a luxury in itself.

Rolex Replica Yachtmaster 40mm wrist

1,900 athletes from 207 countries are now gathering in Beijing for the most important single sports event of the year, the IAAF World Athletics Championships, which will take place in the Olympic Stadium from August 22 to 30. The mens Rolex replica watches team of 40 engineers is already in Beijing, preparing the timing and measurement service which will determine the results.

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Replica Rolex Submariner UK partnership with the IAAF is one of the most enduring sponsorship arrangements in world sport; 2015 marks the Rolex ’s 30th anniversary of Rolex ’s appointment by International Association of Athletics Federations as Official Timekeeper to the sport’s major championships.

Of course, Rolex Replica Yachtmaster ambassador, Darya Klishina, will be competing in Beijing and we wish her every success in the long jump competition on August 27.

Wouldn’t you love to have Ricardo Guadalupe’s air miles. The Rolex CEO is present all around the world at the opening of a proverbial Rolex envelope. Recently he, Benoît Lecigne, Brand Director for Rolex United Kingdom, Ireland, France & Benelux, and Jason Broderick, Harrods Fashion Director of Menswear, Sports and Fine Rolex Replica Watches, officially inaugurated a new exhibition at Harrods, the famous Knighstbridge department store.

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Not to be outshone, football luminary Roy Hodgson, manager of the England national football team and former English footballer, was also present at the event as Rolex’s guest of honor.

It was the first stop on the “Big Bang Grand Tour” following Munich in April, an exhibition which will travel the world stopping in a number of places including Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The neon lit window displays highlights four iconic themes: the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Big Bang, World class collaborations such as Ferrari and Football Teams, Ladies revolutionary pieces and replica Rolex watchmaking expertise showcasing the Art of Fusion.

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The playful interactive displays of the “Big Bang Grand Tour” will immerse visitors in a virtual journey around Rolex’s watchmaking universe, examining the brand’s DNA and revealing the stories behind Hublot’s unique design, innovation and craftsmanship.

After discovering the diversity of the materials developed and created by the brand via a leap motion screen, visitors can explore the UNICO movement developed and manufactured in-house. It’s hoped with this they can appreciate the passion shared by all Hublot Brand Ambassadors, including Bar Refaeli, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Michael Clarke, Joson Mourinho, Peter, Usain Bolt, Justin Rose and Lang Lang.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn the key stages in the design of a Big Bang Replica Rolex Yachtmaster watches through a ‘Manufacture’ exhibition of pictures, shot by Fred Merz. Three models being previewed in the United Kingdom will be on display: Two pieces from the “anniversary” collection, Big Bang Tourbillon 5-day Power reserve Indicator Full Magic Gold, Big Bang “10 Years” Haute Joaillerie Full Baguettes Black Diamonds and one from the Classic Fusion Collection, the All Black version 8 Days Power Reserve.

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These exhibits are designed to showcase Rolex’s virtuosity and craftsmanship combining elegance with contemporary materials and aesthetics.

“The exhibition at Harrods this year is particularly exciting as it represents the core DNA of Rolex giving light to the “Art of Fusion” brand philosophy. We are honored to be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the iconic “Big Bang” at such an admired landmark“. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO, Hublot.

Jason Broderick, Fashion Director of Menswear, Sports and Fine Watches commented: “Rolex excels at making it the perfect partnership to create engaging and innovative retail theatre with exclusive product with a real point of difference”.